Price: £3.99

There is now a version of Pacman for the mobile phone for people who want a retro arcade experience on their phone. To be honest though, your money is better used elsewhere. The game is definitely the no frills version but somehow managing to lack the sense of control. There are two options. Flick and stick. Flick really doesn’t work at all as you’re more than likely going to go in a different direction. The stick is slightly better, but the forced angle of play means that you might press the windows button. Thankfully the loading times were speedy, but it shouldn’t have to come to that. The game itself is the same classic Pacman you are used to, and we cannot fault the core game. It works well under phone conditions, though a problem arises when aiming for the latter levels due to the finicky control schemes. There are two bigger issues that sadly sway this game into the avoid pile. Firstly there is nothing special to unlock, other than a few gamerscore that are for the most part uninspired. If you combine that with the second problem; the £3.99 price tag, then it seems to be pulling a bit of a fast one. If you really want to be the victim of daylight robbery for the sake of a portable Pac-Man, then be my guest. I’ll just be playing a far fairer priced version of the adventures of the dot and ghost eating cake face on a console.