Price: Free

With a new platform, it’s surprising that there isn’t normally a freebie game with smart phones. Microsoft have issued a download offering that comes along with Xbox Live support that is only available on the Windows 7 phone. Simply titled Flowerz, it is a rather simple puzzle game that is light on space and gentle with your wallet, yet surprisingly addictive. Is it just because it is free though?

The general aim is to align 3 or more flowers of the same colour onto a board. Things change with the introduction of buds using a different colour. When that flower is erased, it turns into the bud colour. Initially this just three colours to worry about, but later on the game introduces magenta and cyan flowers to the mix and then starts reducing your playing area. It is a fantastically simple idea, but one with pedigree in the forms of Tetris and Mindsweeper. Things start easy, but one mistake at level 15 could cost you your run.


The downside to it being free is that there are only two modes which are essentially to start at the beginning or start at level 5. There are also leaderboards, but the biggest plus (rather strangely) comes from the list of achievements and their insane difficulty. One challenges you to clear the board on both modes, while another challenges you to get 9000 points in simple mode. It gives puzzlers a goal that requires understanding of the physics behind it to achieve, and the only way to get them is to play the game to the extent of owners of Gameboys played Tetris. Other than that, it is pretty much the same as any Flash based puzzler on the internet. Perhaps the budget wasn’t big enough.

So is it worth the purchase? Of course it is! It is completely free! But is it going to be a game you will play weeks later? Perhaps if you were on the train and needed to pass the time. Some free games don’t try, but this at the very least attempts to be a game – let alone a game worth playing for at least a few hours.