I suppose first thing’s first, you’ll need a name to put to the site.

My name is Dave Irwin, a budding journalist who decided several years ago to start an online archive of reviews, an internet portfolio if you will. I am a proud owner of all three consoles, though I predominantly use the Xbox 360 as my form of media entertainment. I am currently working full-time for LTSB in their back-office to earn a little cash to fund my gaming habits, or if you like, my material.

Other than gaming in a digital format, I tend to game in more traditional ways too. Dungeons and Dragons is not my cup of tea, but the works of Call of Cthulhu and World of Darkness are more to my geeky palate. I also have dabbled in Magic the Gathering a fair bit (to those in the know, since Dissension/Ravnica Block), and am into a varied taste in music (mostly anything with a guitar that is played with a unique style with finesse!).

If you like this site, please spread the word! Word of mouth is by far the most important form of advertisement because it is personal. It helps me get further into journalism, and it helps you become enlightened to games and their possible pitfalls.