It’s been a while since I communicated with you on a personal level. Bit naughty of be to be honest.

Let’s just say I’ve had a busy time with other commitments. My workload got far larger at my paid job, and suffice to say that took its toll. I had to spend less time doing what I wanted to do because I didn’t have the time to do it.

But technology gives me a new helping hand. As I am now able to update on the go, things will be different in 2011 (“twenty-eleven”). One thing that will also change is the fact I now have access to mobile phone gaming, so you will see games you may have played on your mobile phone come under scrutiny (having said this, I haven’t seen a particularly bad mobile phone game that is put on more official channels (Xbox Live compatible or iPhone App Store recommended, etc).

There will also be more mini-reviews and indeed longer more in-depth articles to come from me. I’m currently working on an extended review at the moment for what I think is the most socially important game of 2000-2010. Watch this space…

Starting from next week, I’m back to my Fortnightly arrangement.

Hope to see you then. In the meantime: A mini-review on the brand new expansion for Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers.