Okay, I’ll explain. It seems that Capcom have come to a deal with Namco about these two game franchises. There will be two games: Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter (X is pronounced “Cross”). As to be expected, one will run from the hugely artsy Street Fighter IV engine and designed by Capcom, while the other one will be using the Tekken 6 engine and be developed by Namco. The announcement was made at Comic Con 2010 much to the excitement of the geeks and nerds who attended the convention.

I have to admit, this one confused me. Both games have polar differences in terms of their style. One is full of super moves and over the top finishers, and the other is full of fast reflex combinations and actual martial art inspiration. The Namco developed title seems to have a little more going for it simply because you could theoretically incorporate the Shoryuken into the move set. Others such as the Hadouken might have a bit of a “cheapness issue”, while others like the Spinning Bird Kick might look a little weird in comparison. As for the Capcom developed title, I am confused as to how they’re going to give the Tekken characters over the top moves. I guess these are questions that will only be answered when a gameplay video is unleashed for us to look at. Currently, there are screenshots of the Capcom title out there and they do look pretty good. But without fluid motion, it is a little hard to tell. It’s like being baited to go to the cinema by a friend, but not being told what film your seeing and the anticipation of being disappointed being overwhelming.

It seems Capcom have gone cross crazy recently, with the hugely anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3 being shown in more detail at this years Comic Con, this at the very least has the potential to be ridiculously good. Some character choices are awesome (Thor) whilst others are questionable (Amaretsu from Okami). With a more relevant roster, this is one to keep an eye on.

Reviews are now coming on Sundays (still Bi-weekly) as weekends seem to generate more free time.

Until next Sunday.