Your review for the start of 2010 is probably one of my favourite games of last year:

  • Dragon Age: Origins (PC/Playstation 3/Xbox 360)

Because it is one of my favourite titles of last year, I wanted to make sure that everything I said about it was absolutely 100% authentic without any twists to the logic. This meant that while I’d normally give a game at least one play-through, this I had to give several partial play-throughs and one more dedicated one. The fact that after the review I still want to play it is something I’ve not felt in a long time with a game. Not through lack of enjoyment and not through lack of content, but an abundance of both.

Those who are observant will notice in the tags I’ve referred to something known as “Dragon Age: Journeys”. The reason is basically because there was a flash based game based on the same universe. Those who haven’t come across it should probably look into it.

  1. It is fairly consistent for a flash based game.
  2. It has exclusive DLC attached to it for a limited time. (June 30th 2010)
  3. The content will take roughly half an hour to obtain if you think carefully about it.

Please note that THIS IS NOT AN ADVERSITSEMENT! This is so that you can obtain three very useful starting items for the price of 30 minutes of your time. Trust me, they’re worth it. The link is below.

If you do not have Dragon Age: Origins, but are thinking about it; this is not a lot like the actual game. There are similarities, but the retail version is significantly better. As for the DLC, if you do plan on buying it and want the DLC you might as well do it now. It works with ALL VERSIONS of the retail game as well as long as they’re linked to the same EA account.

All that is left for me to say is: Happy New Year, look out for my 2009 GOTY stuff (I did one this year!) and I’ll keep churning more reviews in the next decade or so! (Whatever it takes to get a big job at a magazine!)

Until next week…