To the yanks, Happy Turkey Day! This year’s heavily stuffed, undercooked bird is:

  • The Legend of Zelda 2 – Adventure of Link (NES)

And yes, that was a quip at the early Thanksgiving Day special I had over in Norwich. That chicken (only thing that would fit in the oven!) just wouldn’t bloody cook! When it did look alright, we soon found out only the top cooked.

Thankfully, the chicken wasn’t the source of my current illness. For that I have a bug going round to thank. I also have it to thank for an unusually raspy voice-box at the moment. Let’s just say my voice currently sounds like a certain James Earl Jones. I’m not even kidding. I’ve said the words "I am your father" along with Darth Vader and there is no difference. Whilst it is cool, I hope it is temporary as I kind of like my sense of pitch back again. But this is the coolest aspect of my cold. The not so cool is the weird ass linked dreams I’ve been having as a consequence of being too hot in bed temperature wise. Heat affects your sleep and your vision turns from peaceful dream into a weird as one where the only thing you remember is George Takei looming over you. There’s also the fever I had, unusually hot feet, loss of co-ordination and repeated coughing of phlegm.

Still, could be worse. I have Lemsip (original lemon flavour) on my side. I’d drink that stuff any day of the year if they made one without the drugs that tasted the same. Also the release of Street Fighter HD Remix on downloadable markets for the 360 & PS3 has cheered me up. Two things strike out though. Never switch to classic display (sound you’re fine, but visuals, it’s just funny) and there’s only one dancing girl on Balrog’s *cough**hack*Mike Tyson*hack**pitooee**ting* stage. Fortunately she’s the best looking background sprite there, so it’s a win situation.

And on that note, I grab my newly warmed Lemsip, snuggle in my duvet fortress and hope that George Takei doesn’t haunt me again tonight… *shudders*

Notice from Writer: The writer actually respects George Takei’s talent and thought he was awesome in the original Star Trek, Heroes, and C&C Red Alert 3. Whilst this was based on actual experience, I wish Mr Takei no harm and hope he comes out of that wilderness. I mean c’mon, "I’m a Celebrity?!" You can do better George!